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Almond Flour Pancake Mix! Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Grain Free, and Soy Free!

Good Dee's

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Who said breakfast has to be filled with sugar laden items? Not here at Good Dee's! You can also make just a portion enough for you-no need to make the whole pouch and be stuck with all these pancakes you do not need. We give options to make up to 4 pancakes, 10-12 pancakes (half bag), or if you have people over, the whole bag for up to 20 pancakes.

You just need to add eggs, heavy cream, and vanilla extract and voila. Top it off with some grassfed butter and homemade sugar free syrup. And, like with all our mixes, you can add what you like to the batter. Blueberry, chocolate chips, walnuts...the opportunities are endless. Want lemon blueberry pancakes? Swap the vanilla extract for lemon and add blueberries. Banana extract and walnuts for banana walnut pancakes.

Our pancakes are very lightly sweetened with erythritol and stevia. We hope you have a Good Dee's start to your day!

Each pancake comes out to roughly 1g net carb!


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