To my amazing customers:

I am so lucky to be in a job I love but also one that has constant communication with my customers. I’ve heard many of you say you want IMO (isomaltooligosaccharide) free mixes due to the FDA ruling where it is no longer 100% a fiber.

Once that ruling came out, I got to work and reformulated ALL my mixes. Luckily, I am the R&D, Chef, and Food Scientist all-in-one for Good Dee’s.

Since the ruling from June 2018 I worked on new formulas, bags, the works. Although I have until January 2021 to change all my formulas because I am a smaller company, I wanted to do it earlier. I’ve already rolled out the updated cornbread, sugar cookie, blondies, double chocolate chip, and yellow cake.

In the next two months, I’ll be releasing the updated chocolate cake, muffin, and none other than brownie! Pancakes and snickerdoodle, although never having IMO, are updated recipes as well. I will never stop innovating and I will never stop improving, if I see room for it.

So what changes did I make? I replaced IMO with soluble tapioca fiber aka resistant dextrin. You’ll often see that or soluble corn fiber aka resistant maltodextrin on the market. I use soluble corn fiber in my sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies, coconut cake, and carrot cake. These are approved fibers by the FDA and low net carbs.

As you know, I never hid the fact I used IMO and noted it on the mixes that had it. It would be listed as prebiotic soluble fiber from either tapioca or corn. This is different than soluble tapioca or corn fibers which are resistant dextrin or maltodextrin, respectively. As both a brand and consumer, I urge you to always read labels and ask question. Please ask me whatever you like!

Another great perk of changing the formula? Most mixes now use less butter or oil which cut down on calories AND means less ingredients you need to add. I really think you’ll love the texture and taste and worked endlessly for 1.5 years to make sure you do!

Do you love the current formula? I understand. They’re great, too! And we still have current formulas of brownies, pancakes, muffin, and chocolate cake on sale until sold out. After they’re sold, all new formulas will be ushered in.

Thank you for the constant support and letting me create food that end up in your homes-I will never stop being grateful for that. As the owner and creator of Good Dee’s, I will always work endlessly for you all because you have trusted a lot in me and I appreciate it more than you know!

What an exciting way to start 2020-new formulas and more items to come! My boys, Ibbi and Gus, have personally approved all updated mixes.

Much gratitude,
Deana Karim
Owner of Good Dee’s

P.S. Some of you have had some great questions! I just wanted to append some of the more common questions to the end of this letter just in case any one else has them :)
Q: What’s IMO? Why aren’t you using it?
A: IMO aka
Description Isomaltooligosaccharide
Is a fiber that we used in some of our mixes. It is usually labeled as a prebiotic fiber on labels from corn or tapioca. We have been very open about that and never hid the fact that it’s been used. We are moving away from it due to fda ruling in mid 2018 that it will no longer be considered a complete fiber. That means some of it will be dietary fiber but some will become an added sugar on labels. For companies who make under $10 million a year (that’s me) I had until January 2021 to make the change. For others who make more than $10 million, they have until June of this year.

Q: What will you use now?
A: We will now use Soluble Tapioca Fiber (resistant dextrin) and Soluble Corn Fiber (resistant maltodextrin). I have a video on IGTV about these fibers that are FDA approved as fibers. We also think they improved our mix texture and majority now use less butter or oil. Since the ruling in 2018, all new mixes from that point started using Soluble Tapioca or Corn Fiber or they had no fiber at all.

Q: What about mixes that never had IMO?
A: For mixes we changed, it was not because of IMO but because I created better formulas and I will always improve and innovate.

Q: What If we like the current formulas?
A: I get it! We still have current formulas for brownies, chocolate cake, muffins, and pancakes on sale on Amazon and my site.

Q: How will we know if the mix we buy is the new or old formula?
A: For one, the packaging is different. It is a new matte bag that is all white with no gold bar. Second, on the bag under ingredients it will no longer say prebiotic fiber* and denote IMO. It will say soluble tapioca fiber. For mixes that never had IMO but are reformulated, you’ll know solely from the new bag and images.