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Why are mixes great for Diabetics?
It’s a popular belief that food containing carbohydrates is the primary source of fuel for our body, and their consumption can assist us in leading a healthy life. A Ketogenic Diet offers a new perspective – framing its lifestyle around low carbs and minimal sugar. Some research suggests that the keto diet is effective in helping people with type 2 diabetes; to lower their blood sugar levels and minimize large spikes in blood sugar when consuming traditional high carb foods and sweets. Our mixes support the Ketogenic lifestyle by providing alternatives to your favorite foods. Good Dee’s makes mixes that when baked, taste just like their high carb counterpart. Simple ingredients that add healthy fat and protein will help to eliminate those cravings. Embark on a healthy lifestyle journey with our low carb, sugar, and gluten-free mixes.
Worry free baking!
Our no sugar added* and gluten-free mixes are a perfect blend of essential nutrients packed with fiber and low carbs to help maintain a low carb lifestyle. Food can reshape your emotions, and our quick and easy to make baking mixes raises the expectations that food can be both delicious and nourishing. Now you don’t have to worry about spending hours on baking, just add the mix in a bowl with other ingredients, stir well and create something magical in a short time.

*not a low calorie food. See nutrition facts panel.