Finally! A Baking Mix With
Type 1 Diabetes In Mind.

Full-flavored desserts without the glucose spikes!

Low Carb
Low Carb All of our mixes are under 3 gram net carbs per serving!
Sugar Free
Sugar Free Sweetned with Prebiotic Fiber, Erythritol, & Stevia. We never use Maltitol!
Naturally Gluten Free
Naturally Gluten Free Made with either sunflower seeds or almond flour!
Full Taste, Bolus Less!

Full Taste, Bolus Less!

We don’t just sell low carb and sugar free baking mixes. We are trying to make the best sugar free replacements, made with the highest quality ingredients, to make living with diabetes more manageable.

Easy To Make

Easy To Make!

We know managing Type 1 Diabetes, between constantly checking blood sugars and giving injections, is a full time job. That’s why we wanted to make sure that our mixes were as simple as possible to make. No more than 3 ingredients in each mix! That’s it!

Keeping It 100

Keeping It 100 !

(We’re Talking Glucose Levels Of Course)

Sweetened with Erithritol and Stevia, our mixes are made with low glycemic ingredientswhich avoids nasty headache inducing blood sugar spikes.

Deana Karim

Hi There,

I'm SO excited you're checking out our low carb & sugar free baking mixes. Diabetes runs through my family - in fact, my mother is living with Diabetes (she has T2, but we all know T1 is a completely different beast) - and was a major contributing factor to the creation of these mixes. I sincerely hope these mixes help make managing your T1 Diabetes (or that of a loved one) more managable by providing food options made with quality ingredients that taste good!

– Deana Karim, Good Dee's Mixes Founder

Deana Karim

Good Dee’s

Good Dee’s Vs.
Regular Mixes

A picture is worth a thousand words, or rather a savings of tons of sugar! All of our mixes are under 3 gram net carbs per serving and are ACTUALLY sugar free.


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They heard about us from the reviews and word-of-mouth, but stayed because of the taste!

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OMG!! These are AWESOME!! I just received these today and couldn’t wait to make them. I’m sooo glad that I ordered these. These brownies are DELICIOUS!! They taste just as good(or better) than “regular” brownies. They are so “chocolatey” and moist ( I used the “fudgey” option). I am overly satisfied with these. Thank you for such an AMAZING product. I’m placing my next order NOW! - NJ

FINALLY!! I've had Type 1 Diabetes for over 20 years and I can't believe I finally found ACTUAL sugar free cookies!!! I can't reccomend Good Dee's enough!!! These cookies (along with all the other mixes, I've tried almost all of them) are delicious and my blood sugars don't get high!! Thank you!!! - Jen E

AMAZING!! These brownies are amazing! I'd never guess they were were sugar or gluten free, plus no aftertaste or weird texture. I followed the directions for the fudge brownies, with the addition of vanilla extract, and they turned out perfect. Seriously blown away by these. I will definitely order again and try the other mixes. Thank you so this wonderful product!!! - Desiree P.

Amazing!! SO FREAKING GOOD!! After pouring into the pan to bake I decided to lick the rest of the batter off the spatula. OMG so unbelievably good. Almost couldn't wait for them to bake! Lol - Trevor

What. Is. This. These blondies are OUT. OF. CONTROL. I'm Type 1 diabetic and I have stomach issues so it's very hard to find actual sugar free baking mixes that don't upset my stomach. These blondies hit both check points. Even better is how delicious they are. Can't wait to try the other mixes!!!! - Eileen

Breakfast For Champions!! There's a reason why this pancake mix continues to sell out. This is the best pancake mix we have tried. We rather make this then our usual go to which is cream cheese pancakes. Don't get us wrong cream cheese pancakes are very good but these pancakes are the best hands down. - Klassic Habit

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