Keto High Protein Chocolate Yogurt Bowl - Good Dee's Sipping Chocolate

This recipe is so quick and easy! You can also use this to make froyo (frozen yogurt), smoothies, acai bowls and fruit dip.

Here's what you'll need:

Good Dee's Sipping Chocolate

High Protein Yogurt - we used Norr Organic Yogurt

Any toppings you love!


We used 2 (5oz) plain yogurt cups and mixed in 4 tbs of sipping chocolate mix. You can add more to taste! Sprinkle in some chia seeds if you prefer overnight pudding for the morning.

We like this brand of yogurt because each cup is 17g of protein!! We are all about a high protein snack. Add nuts, seeds, cinnamon and anything else you love. 

This recipe also makes a great yogurt pop!

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