Brownie Mix- Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and soon to be Grain Free

Good Dee's

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After we finish our current inventory, new inventory will be GRAIN FREE in October!

Our brownies are maltitol free, gluten free, soy free, and sugar free! They are great for Ketogenic, Diabetic, and LCHF lifestyles-or for those just wanting to reduce their sugar intake and watch what ingredients go in their body! We use erythritol and stevia to give it a sweetness and sunflower seeds to keep it flourless. We also use no nut based ingredients. You can't go wrong with our mixes!

Only 1 NET Carb a brownie. Are you a cake like brownie fan or a fudge like brownie fan? Well, you can decide with our new mix. We have instructions to make the brownies two ways that fit your style. You just need to add butter and eggs (or coconut oil if you so choose) and voila. Low carb brownies. 

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