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Good Dee's Charged Mocha Latte - Sipping Chocolate

Make It Spooky! This recipe isn't just for Halloween. This low carb, sugar free latte is the perfect drink for a quick sweet fix, pick me up or just because.

If you are tired of boring coffee, tea, water, drink, repeat. You NEED to buy our Sipping Chocolate Low Carb Drink Mix. It's the finest powder out there and you will not need to mix with a frother but it's a nice touch. No clumps, no aftertaste, and no cooling effect! I seriously couldn't live without it. I use it in my coffee, smoothies, yogurt, desserts, on the go, and I always take it for camping cocoa. 

Yes, it's Keto Friendly. Skip the caffeine and give your kids a better for you hot cocoa!

Here's what you'll need:

4-5 Tbs Good Dee's Sipping Chocolate - It's ON SALE!!

10 oz Brewed Coffee or Decaf

1 Tall Glass

Sugar Free Mocha Syrup - we used this one but use any one you love!

Whipped Top (Optional)

1 Cup of Heavy Cream

Good Dee's High Power Frother or any frother


  1. Brew your coffee and set aside. If you do not want to use coffee you can heat any milk of choice and make it a hot chocolate mocha!
  2. Take your glass and drizzle your mocha syrup inside and on the edges. Freeze for 5 minutes while you prep your whipped topping. 
  3. Froth 1/3 cup of your heavy cream in a glass until thick and whipped. Set aside. You can spice it up by adding cinnamon, pumpkin spice or allulose sweetener for an extra fancy flare. 
  4. Add your 4 tablespoons of sipping chocolate to your glass and pour in your hot coffee or milk. This will make the mocha drizzle melt but that's good! You want it all incorporated for the flavor.
  5. Leave about 1 inch for extra cream and whip.
  6. Add a touch of cream if you like pale coffee (like me) or leave as is. Add a generous dollop of fresh whip and top with more mocha syrup allowing it to run down the inside of the glass. This will give it that streak look.
  7. Sprinkle with cinnamon or shaved chocolate!

That is it!


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