Good Dee's Sugar Free Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches + No Churn Keto Ice Cream

Feelin' the heat?? When it comes to ice cream...I always, always forget to buy it. Thankfully, those of us in the keto community have access to many amazing homemade ice cream recipes.

I have to pay tribute to the amazing Kendra over at Peace Love and Low Carb  for her mason jar ice cream recipe. I switched up some of the ingredients to be all Good Dee's inspired and it came out amazing. Check out her blog for all things low carb, delicious and easy to make. She also has a cookbook out that is top notch. I hope you check it out!

Let's get to the point. Here's what you'll need:

Mason Jar Ice Cream:

Click Peace Love & Low Carb's Recipe  for her Chocolate Mason Jar Ice Cream

I went the fruity route with my version. You will need to freeze this for 24-48 hours ahead of time.

1 cup heavy cream

4 tsp Good Dee's Signature Sweetener Blend 

1 tsp vanilla extra

1/4 cup of Good Dee's Rainbow Sprinkles 

1/4 cup of Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

2 tsp of Pitaya Powder (dragon fruit)  (optional) 

*You could also use crushed strawberries or fruit of choice. You can also omit and add 1 tbs of cocoa powder or peanut butter powder. 


1. Place all of your ingredients in a mason jar, seal with the lid

2. Shake, shake, shake

3. Place in the freeze for 1 hour

4. Shake again a few times 

5. Allow to freeze for 24-48 hours


Any Good Dee's Cookie Mix - I chose Chocolate Chip 

Bake as directed with the advised ingredients. Allow to cool

6. Once your ice cream is frozen you can scoop your ice cream onto one side of your cookie and top it with the other. 

That's it folks. Enjoy it 

This is a homemade ice cream and it won't get rock solid so if it starts to melt...make a cookie bowl :)

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