Good Dee's x Pili Nut Butter Creamwiches

We joined our friends over at Pili Hunters to bring you this tasty, keto friendly recipe! Creamwiches for your Summer bash. Only baking you need to do is prep the cookies ahead of time. If you haven't tried Pili Nuts - you must! They are low in net carbs, buttery in texture and a nice boost to your fats for the day. 



Here's what you'll need:


1 Good Dee’s Sugar cookie prepared  - makes 12


8 oz cream cheese softened 

2 tsp unsalted butter 

3 tsp Good Dee’s Signature Blend 

3 heaping tbs Pili Nut Butter - Cacao

3 oz Chopped pili nuts

3 oz Good Dee's Chocolate Chips



Mix with a whisk until a golden brown color takes over. Let the magic happen 

Chill for 10-15

Pipe or spread your filling between two cookies 

Dip in crushed pili nuts for a texture fest or dip in our sugar free chocolate chips. 

Enjoy the which out of it!!


 Chopped pili nuts for dipping 

Good Dee’s chocolate chips for dipping 


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