Good Dee's Funnel Cakes

This amazing recipe is brought to you at the beginning of winter. We suggest you make this amazing low carb recipe ASAP.

Funnel Cake
Servings: 6
Calories per Serving: 206
Tools: medium bowl, a pan to shallow fry, spatula, and a candy thermometer
2 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla extract
120ml unsweetened almond milk
1 package Good Dee’s pancake mix
60g coconut oil for frying (ideal for higher smoke point; avocado oil can also be used) powdered sweetener for dusting

1. Prepare a cooling rack over a sheet pan for finished cakes; a plate with paper towels will work too but won’t allow the bottoms to be crispy
2. Heat coconut oil in frying pan over low-medium heat
3. In a medium bowl, combine eggs and vanilla extract
4. Add pancake cake mix and stir to combine
5. Slowly add almond milk until the batter is smooth and creates slight ribbons when spoon is lifted (more than 120ml may be needed so add slowly)
6. Put the batter into a funnel or a ziplock bag
7. Check that the oil in the pan is 340-350f/175-180c
8. Cut the corner off the ziplock bag if using, and add the batter to the heated oil in a circular pattern (single layer)

*If new to shallow frying, feel free to test a small bit of batter first to see how long it takes to brown - I always test first!!

9. When the bottom is lightly browned, flip carefully
10. Once both sides are golden brown, carefully place the funnel cake on the cooling rack and sift/sprinkle powdered sweetener on top while still warm
11. Repeat until all batter is used, and serve warm

Best eaten immediately but can be stored at room temperature

Recipe created by @baconand_megs - follow her on IG to meet the maker.

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